EBCO Trustee Services Ltd. Liab. Co.

A trust company is a legal institute typical of Anglo-Saxon countries and is an instrument that has stirred up a growing interest for the ductility that it offers in the estate administration.
Through a trust the settlor transfers the property of one or more goods to a trustee. The duty of the trustee is to administer the goods in the trust, following the instructions given by the settlor and the applicable laws in the exclusive interest of one or more beneficiaries selected by the settlor. The settlor can also choose a protector to control the trustee activity and guarantee that the management of the trust is following the guidelines given by the settlor. With the skills and the reliability of the professionals that belong to its international network, Ebco Trustee Services Ltd. Liab. Co. is able to:

  • Assist the settlor in the whole process of creation of the estate in trust
  • Take charge of the role of trustee or protector.